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I'm trying to generate fixtures by using the command:

php app/console generate:fixtures:load

it gives me this error:

The autoloader expected class "Doctrine\Bundle\DoctrineFixturesBundle\Doctrine
FixturesBundle" to be defined in file "C:\wamp\www\SymfonyV1\app/../vendor/Bundl
es\Doctrine\Bundle\DoctrineFixturesBundle\DoctrineFixturesBundle.php". The file
was found but the class was not in it, the class name or namespace probably has
a typo.

I checked tha class is there.

Do you know how to fix this please??

Thank you

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I think this is connected to the DoctrineFixtures bundle being moved from Symfony to Doctrine on github. It cause me a bit of confusion when I updated to 2.0.15.

The DoctrineFixturesBundle.php file should be located in vendors/bundles/Symfony/Bundle/DoctrineFixturesBundle/ and have the namespace Symfony\Bundle\DoctrineFixturesBundle.

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You must move your bundle into


and declare it your appKernel :

new Doctrine\Bundle\FixturesBundle\DoctrineFixturesBundle(),

This change is due to doctrine2 who moved from Symfony folder to Doctrine


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The error is self explanatory. Do you forget add proper namespace declaration to your class file?

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