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Having trouble adding checkbox values to db via orm

Working for normal fields but not if more than one checkbox is selected on the checkbox questions that allow more than one option

Here is the Form bit

<?php echo Form::label('first_name', 'First Name')?><br />
<?php echo Form::input('first_name', $profile->first_name, array('class'=>'inputbox')); ?><br />

<?php echo Form::label('last_name', 'Last Name')?><br />
<?php echo Form::input('last_name', $profile->last_name, array('class'=>'inputbox')); ?><br />

Favorite Genres: 
<label><input type="checkbox" value="Horror"  name="genres[]"  />
<strong>Horror</strong></label><br />
<label><input type="checkbox" value="Thriller"  name="genres[]"  />
<strong>Thriller</strong></label><br />

Here is the controller bit

if ($_POST) {
    if ($profile->values($_POST)->check()) {
        $profile->user_id = $user;

And Here is the Model bit

protected $_rules = array(

'first_name' => array(
    'not_empty' => NULL,


'last_name' => array(
    'not_empty' => NULL,



Only not working when more than one checkbox is selected, I get this error

Database_Exception [ 1241 ]: Operand should contain 1 column(s)

Not sure best approach for this.. Should I serialize or implode ? Where to do this?

I want to build basic search form in future to search 'like' values using this column.

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Where is the code that actually handles the checkbox data? You only have first and last name in your model... –  Thorsten Jun 14 '12 at 9:00
NO code yet, that's why I need assistance –  user1019144 Jun 14 '12 at 20:59

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This is an DB exception, not a Validation. You should use ORM relations for this situation:

class Model_Profile extends ORM {

   protected $_has_many = array(
       // profile has and belongs to many genres
       'genres'  => array(
            'through' => 'profiles_genres', // pivot table name

And then change genres for current profile, like this:

   // now replace old genres with a new list
   // clear genres
   foreach($this->request->post('genres') as $genre) 
       $genre = ORM::factory('genre')->where('name', '=', $genre);
       if ($genre->loaded()) 
           $profile->add('genres', $genre);
catch (Validate_Exception) 
    // wrong input

Note that not genres are separated table, not a profiles column. Also you will need a pivot table profiles_genres with profile_id and genre_id columns.

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Thanks Not really looking to create new tables considering I will have a dozen or so of these type of multi textbox selections for the user profiles. –  user1019144 Jun 14 '12 at 16:58
You can store them as a JSON strings. No need for special tables, but you cant use standard DB features like filters. –  biakaveron Jun 16 '12 at 9:58

You should create a genres table and model and create a pivot table for genres and profiles:

  `name` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`id`),
  UNIQUE KEY `uniq_name` (`name`)

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `genres_profiles` (
  `profile_id` int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
  `genre_id` int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`profile_id`,`genre_id`),
  KEY `fk_genre_id` (`genre_id`)

Note that you don't need to create ORM model for pivot table.
You can find more in the official docs

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would rather not make more tables, as I said before this is just one of many checkbox questions. Could you suggest an alternate way. I basically would just implode the array into a string before it gets inserted. Where is best place to do this? –  user1019144 Jun 15 '12 at 19:35

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