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I'm using core plot for plotting a bar chart. There i'm using custom labels (CPTAxisLabel) for X-Axis labels. Some of my labels are long in length. In such cases, labels are not getting wrapped to next lines.

How can i achieve it in CPTAxisLabel ?

-Balaji R.

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You can insert newline ('\n') characters in any text in Core Plot to force it to wrap to the next line. Use the textAlignment property of the text style to control the alignment (left, center, right) of the lines of text.

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Thanks Eric. It works if i insert "\n" in the text. Also, Is there any way to specify it in generic way similar to UILabel's no.of.lines property ? Because, In this approach we need to insert newline characters between words for each label. –  BaLaJi Jun 14 '12 at 0:22

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