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I've code like that below, what I want to achieve is to generate PDF document with dynamically created rows. It's for users to generate PDF from a form they fill. If they want to put some more text in one of the fields it should have been splitted into rows.

Idea is like that: explode text, and add each word with space after checking if size of it is less than 70 (required chars in a row). Unfortunately there is something wrong with the WHILE loop, causing my script not to generate any PDF file. Can anyone help? I can't see what I'm doing wrong here.

    //length of line is 70 chars
    $n = strlen($datan['reason']) / 70;

    //if there are some chars left add last line
    if(strlen($datan['reason'])%70 > 0)
    $pieces = explode(" ",$datan['reason']);
    $piece_number = 0;

    //create n lines 
        $previous = "";
        $l = true;
        //add pieces not to exceed 70 chars
        while($l == true){
            $current = $pieces[$piece_number];
            if(strlen($current) + strlen($previous) < 70){
                $previous .= $current . " ";
                $l = false;
        //print line
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ok, problem was in the while as I expected, it couldn't end because it ran out of $pieces array and I forgot to control that.

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