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So I have read all about how to use Rails 3 subdomain constraints and url helpers, which works great for most applications. For instance, if I want an admin subdomain (which I do) I can use:

constraint :subdomain => :admin
  scope :module => :admin
    defaults :subdomain => 'admin'

But my application runs on many (customers') domains, and usually on a subdomain of it. So, something like directory.customer.com. Now if I apply that logic to admin.directory.customer.com, Rails things directory is part of the subdomain, so I have to do this:

constraint :subdomain => /^admin.*/
  scope :module => :admin
    defaults :subdomain => 'admin'

This is great, just match any subdomain that stats with admin, BUT when it comes to using the url helpers, it's NOT great, because the default subdomain I've set (admin) doesn't include the customer's portion of the subdomain (directory).

Setting the :host option to directory.customer.com doesn't seem to fix this, the url helper still returns admin.customer.com. Is there any way to set it up so url helpers "know" that the directory.customer.com is all part of the :host and the subdomain shouldn't overwrite that part of the host name? There's got to be a method I can modify or something to make it keep that host name intact, right?

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