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When i try to load a property file from the filesystem using util:properties, the property file is not found. I placed it on my root drive and all kinds of places but i seem not to be able to load a property file from the filesystem using util:properties.

Is it possible to do this?

<util:properties id="configProperties" location="file:///d:/"/>

Loading it from the classpath works ok.. but i want to configure the application so a system admin can change the properties.

<util:properties id="configProperties" location="classpath:/"/>
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I have this in a Linux project and it works fine:

<util:properties id="jdbcConfiguration" location="file:///home/reporting/"/>

so the problem is probably with the way you specify the path. Try it this way:

<util:properties id="configProperties" location="file:d:/"/>
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Thanks for your reply.. i was sure i tried this yesterday late in the evening.. But i made a mistake :) I had the util:properties in 2 different spring xml files, both pointing to a wrong location.. I cleaned it up, implemented your suggestion and it works perfect! – Marco Jun 14 '12 at 8:04

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