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I just started working with Maven, and I've ran into several issues. The latest is that one:

Project build error: 'dependencies.dependency.version' for com.github.koraktor:steamcondenser:jar is missing.

I'm running eclipse for Java Developers, with m2eclipse plugin, on Windows 7 x64. What I'm trying to do is install this API into my project:

I have been googling for the last hour with no success. What am I supposed to do? I tried adding the dependency from both the eclipse plugin and the pom.xml itself, but it didn't help.


Thanks everyone, as you said, all I had to do was including the version in the pom.xml.

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You are supposed to include the version element in the dependency element. – bmargulies Jun 13 '12 at 22:14
You need to add the <version> for the dependency. – Paul Grime Jun 13 '12 at 22:14

Maven needs a "version" specifier in the dependency.

I use a lot to get the real Maven code for a given project. In this case, it's at:

Here's their version of the dependency:

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