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I'm building functionality that allows users to upload an image, then crop it to a square (for profile pictures etc...)

Currently, the process works like this:

  • User selects image from hd
  • Image is uploaded to S3
  • S3 Path is sent back to view, and image with jCrop is shown
  • On submit button being clicked, my controller action gets the coords set above

Now I'd like to crop this image to the given coords (note- I'm using lpatters fork of node-imagemagick as it contains 'offset'

Unfortunately, .crop only accepts a path - which we don't have, since it's hosted on S3 at this point.

Is there any workaround?

I saw tmp, but this may be a little overkill?

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What about using some of the other entry points such as "resize" that then allow you to provide the custom arguments? I'm using streams in this code:

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