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Does anybody know if the CUDA library 'Thrust' can generate random numbers on the device? I've seen from the example codes that it can do it on the host...But Thats no good for me really. Cheers in advance Jack

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If you're not aware of it, the usual way of generating sort of-random numbers on a GPU is Perlin noise. –  Jerry Coffin Jun 13 '12 at 23:25
@JerryCoffin: isn't Perlin Noise a way of turning random numbers into "texture", rather than a random-number generator? –  Oliver Charlesworth Jun 14 '12 at 0:20

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Yes, Thrust has device random generator. See Monte Carlo example provided by Thrust team.

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cuRAND might also do what you want: http://developer.nvidia.com/curand It's not Thrust, but it has similar functionality.

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I recently stumbled upon this random function while looking for a random function to use with SSE programs. You'd have to translate the code (probably with the help of a good SSE Intrinsics Reference Manual), but it's a pretty short function, and __m128is should map directly to some CUDA data type. They're ivec4s in GLSL, but I'm not a CUDA guy myself, so...

Anyway, hope that helps!

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