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In my project i have a lot of event id's in one table. I want to loop over these id's and make a request to facebook for the additional information of that specific id.

Now i make a different http request for each ID. I would like to put this in a batch so i can pass all the id's and receive all the additional information for all of these events in one http request.

I use the Facebook PHP sdk

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2 Answers

Here is a crude example of doing two requests in a batch ...

$batch = array();

$req = array(
    'method'       => 'GET',
    'relative_url' => '/me'

$batch[] = json_encode($req);

$req = array(
    'method'       => 'GET',
    'relative_url' => '/me/albums'

$batch[] = json_encode($req);

$params = array(
    'batch' => '[' . implode(',',$batch) . ']'
try {
    $info = $facebook->api('/','POST',$params);
} catch(FacebookApiException $e) {
    $info = null;
    if($info[0]['code'] == '200'){
        $user_profile = json_decode($info[0]['body']);
    if($info[1]['code'] == '200'){
        $user_albums  = json_decode($info[1]['body']);
    echo "<pre>User Profile:\n";
    echo "\nAlbums\n";
    echo "<pre>";

This is a rough example, but it should provide the basics of doing a batch request ...

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You can batch these requests like this:

curl \
-F 'access_token=…' \
-F 'batch=[ \
        {"method": "GET", "relative_url": "me"}, \
        {"method": "GET", "relative_url": "me/friends?limit=50"} \


There is a limit of batch size of 50.

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I have checked out the documentation but it's not for the PHP sdk. This example is for 2 separated query's. I would like to ask this query. $this->facebook->api( $id, 'GET', array( 'fields' => 'name,venue,privacy,location,start_time,end_time,description' ) ); But for 50 Id's at once. Don't know if this is possible with the batch request. Thx for you help! –  Jens Roels Jun 14 '12 at 0:13
Then you just need to call $this->facebook->api( $id, 'GET', array( 'fields' => 'name,venue,privacy,location,start_time,end_time,description', 'ids' => '[CSV LIST OF USER IDS]' ) ); –  Igy Jun 14 '12 at 9:16
Thx! Will try this out! –  Jens Roels Jun 14 '12 at 19:45
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