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Is there a way or special curl option to recognize a no-connection-situation when curlGetResponse_ is used?

For example, there is some curl-command:

withCurlDo $ respBody <$> (curlGetResponse_ "google.com" [CurlFailOnError True] ∷ IO (CurlResponse_ [(String, String)] ByteString))

If there is a connection to host, it returns some IO ByteString.

But if there is no any connection, it takes 40 seconds and returns empty string.

Is there a way to throw and exception or some Left value, when connection is lost and host is unreachable?

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You can set appropriate timeout with ConnectTimeout option and then check response code for timeout errors:

μ> withCurlDo $ respCurlCode <$> (curlGetResponse_ "google.com" [CurlConnectTimeout 1] ∷ IO (CurlResponse_ [(String, String)] String))
μ> withCurlDo $ respCurlCode <$> (curlGetResponse_ "" [CurlConnectTimeout 1] ∷ IO (CurlResponse_ [(String, String)] String))
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So, for no-connection situation there is a CurlCouldntResolveHost value. Thanks. –  ДМИТРИЙ МАЛИКОВ Jun 14 '12 at 16:02

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