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I am having some issues with multiple form submissions with a jquery/ajax form. I found this by printing every instance of form submission on my server, and saw that a form would submit correctly once, then again multiple times.

Just to be clear, this code works 100% correctly for the first submission, but when I click on another row in my table, and create a new dialog/submit it, it ends up submitting multiple times.

I think it has to do with event binding, but am having trouble fixing it. Any insight or help would be much appreciated.

The button's id is "save-flag-button"

// When someone clicks on the flag column in my table, a dialog pops up //
// on the condition that a flag does not exist. //
$(function() {
  $('.flag').click(function() {
    var cellId = "flag" + String(this.getAttribute("data-client-rel"));
    if (this.getAttribute("data-flag-exists") == '0') {

      // create dialog
      var dialog = flagDialog('Create Flag');

      // Making the form ajax
      $("form", dialog).ajaxForm(function(success, data) {
        if (success) {
          $("#" + cellId).attr("data-flag-exists", '1');
          $("#" + cellId).attr("data-flag-content", data["flag_state"]);
          $("#" + cellId).text(data["flag_state"]);
        } else {
          alert("Failed to submit flag. Please retry.");
    } else { }

    }).hover(function() {
      if (this.getAttribute("data-flag-exists") == '0') {
        this.innerHTML = '<span style="color: #4183C4;">Create flag!</span>';
      }}, function() {
        this.innerHTML = this.getAttribute("data-flag-content");

// jquery dialog code //
function flagDialog(dialogTitle) {
  var dialog = $("#flag-dialog").dialog({
    autoOpen: false,
    autoResize: true,
    modal: true,
    minHeight: 300,
    minWidth: 450,
    position: "center",
    title: dialogTitle,
    buttons: [{
      id: "flag-cancel-button",
      text: "Cancel",
      click: function() {
      text: "Submit",
      click: function() {
        // $("#client-relationship-flag-form").submit();
    close: function() {

  // Unbinding buttons here //
  $("#save-flag-button, #flag-cancel-button").unbind();
  $("#save-flag-button").unbind('click').click(function() {
  $("#flag-cancel-button").click(function() {

  return dialog;
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Can we see some HTML code to go along with the jQuery perhaps? Just a sample is all that's needed. – Inancor Jun 14 '12 at 0:28

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ajaxForm binding should be done once only. Try to put the ajaxForm binding on $(document).ready event and try to restructure your logic. ajaxForm was bind every time you click .flag element and all previously bind ajaxForm would be called on all succeeding click event.

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