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So, I have this code in a controller:

before_filter :require_login, :only => :new, :edit, :destroy

My controller has these methods: index, new, edit, create, update, show, destroy. What I want to do is to protect with login_required (:require_login in the code) the methods: new, edit, destroy, but the above code doesn't work, I can protect one method if i have, for example:

before_filter :require_login, :only => :new

But I want to protect the three of them, How can I do it?

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You're missing square brackets around the only option's value:

 before_filter :require_login, :only => [:new, :edit, :destroy]

It's not working because the Ruby interpreter doesn't know where the options for only start and the arguments for before_filter continue. This is case where you need to be explicit about the container.

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Thanks just discovered that before reading your answer, sorry. – Zauu Jun 14 '12 at 0:45

Use an array:

before_filter :require_login, :only => [:new, :edit, :destroy]
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Oh I was a FOOL!!! it was just matter of putting them in array form -.- like this:

before_filter :require_login, :only => [:new, :edit, :destroy]

Sorry for the obvious question.

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