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I'm learning Qt. I'm failing to realize the exercise of chapter 11 of Qt tutorial, which states "Change the color of the cannon when a shot is in the air." I chose to implement the change in paintCannon function (below). What's wrong with my code below?

void CannonField::paintCannon(QPainter &painter)
    if (autoShootTimer->isActive()){

        std::cout << "in paintCannon yellow; "  << std::endl; 
        // This gets called everytime `paintEvent` occurs. 
        // Please see the code in the web page ( for this part.

        std::cout << "in paintCannon blue; "  << std::endl;
    painter.translate(0, height());
    painter.drawPie(QRect(-35, -35, 70, 70), 0, 90 * 16);

Since I first suspected Qpainter's save and restore might have been doing something wrong, I commented them out which ended up re-painting nothing.


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What color is the cannon that does get drawn? – Jeremy Friesner Jun 14 '12 at 1:48
What does your code do? How does this differ from what it ought to do? Does it, e.g., output in PaintCannon blue (or yellow) but then use a different colour, or what? – Gareth McCaughan Jun 14 '12 at 1:49
@Jeremy Friesner The cannon remains blue, which is the color initially drawn. – IsaacS Jun 14 '12 at 15:14
@Gareth McCaughan what this code does might been clear if you look at the code I refer to; what I intend is, at normal state the cannon is in blue. Only while a shot is in the air the cannon get drawn yellow. – IsaacS Jun 14 '12 at 15:29
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The problem you are having is in this routine:

void CannonField::moveShot()
    QRegion region = shotRect();

    QRect shotR = shotRect();

    if (shotR.x() > width() || shotR.y() > height())
        region = region.unite(shotR);

When the shot is moved, update() is being called with a region specified. This results in only the shot rectangle being repainted. If you remove the region from the call to update(), the entire widget is repainted and your color change will work correctly.

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