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If I use defineAuditFields in my models I get the error ->exception("Method is not defined for this object", "Logic")

is defineAuditFields() deprecated in 4.2.1?

Is there a new method?

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defineAuditFields was an artifact from old MVC model. The new Agile Toolkit allows you to use controllers to do the same. Janis have outlined that in his migration guide: http://www.ambienttech.lv/blog/ saying you can now use controllers.

class Controller_Audit extends AbstractController {
    function init(){


    function beforeInsert($m){
        $m['created_dts']=date('Y-m-d H:i:s');

    function beforeModify($m){
        $m['modified_dts']=date('Y-m-d H:i:s');

Certainly you can do more actions here. If you are in a need of soft-delete, then something like this would work well:

class Controller_SoftDelete extends AbstractController {
    function init(){



    function beforeDelete($m,$q){

        $q->where('1=2'); // avoid actual deletion

p.s. if my code here contains some minor mistakes, please [edit] them.

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