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struggle extracting necessary data from this complex json stored inside php variable.

Via php script, I called yql. Data returned and assigned to $retarr;

Then further down, $retarr[2] is storing the full values as below:

$debugarrays= print_r($retarr[2], true);
echo "<pre>";
echo $debugarrays;
echo "</pre>";





$sJson= $retarr[2];
$aNative   = json_decode($sJson);

echo $retarr[2]->fields[0]->id."<br>";
echo $retarr[2]->fields[0]->type."<br>";
echo $retarr[2]->fields[0]->value."<br>";

Fail to get required value...

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That would appear to be a JSONP string, which is not 'pure' json. It's JSON that's been wrapped in a callback function - JSONP is used to get around the AJAX cross-domain request restrictions, and this callback business is part of that.

You'll have to strip off the leading cbfun( and trailing ); to get the real JSON data, which you can then pass into json_decode().

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thanks for the tip. –  i need help Jun 14 '12 at 7:08

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