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I would like to check the html of an element of a

chrome.tabs.executeScript(tab_id,{code: 'sendRequestToBackground(document.getElementById('important_val').innerHTML); '},



I want to be able to get this value from my background script, I saw a lot of examples with chrome.extension.sendRequest and chrome.extension.onRequest.addListener because all the examples is for working from the extension popup.html to background script and vice-versa.

But I open a brand new tab, change the URL, and I want to get a value of a field that (which btw is generated via Javascript) belongs to this random tab.

Is it possible to do that?


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If you want to inject your code to a random tab, do this:

  1. Be sure to have permissions to "tabs" and "<all_urls>" in your manifest.json
  2. Get all tabs using chrome.tabs.query
  3. Pick random tab using Math.random()
  4. Inject the code using chrome.tabs.executeScript
  5. In the incjected code call chrome.extension.sendRequest
  6. On the background page receive the message using chrome.extension.onRequest
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