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I am using the awesome_nested_set gem located here https://github.com/collectiveidea/awesome_nested_set. I would like to make the parent categories optgroup labels but am at a loss on how to make that happen or if it is even possible. Is there an example somewhere of this behavior?

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This is certainly not the most efficient way to do this, but it met the requirement of the task.

  <select name="category_id" data-placeholder="Select a Category" class="chzn-select">
     <option value=""></option>
     <% @cats.each do |cat| %>
     <optgroup label="<%= cat.name %>">
        <% cat.children.each do |child| %>
        <option value="<%= child.id %>"><%= child.name %></option>
        <% end %>
     <% end %>
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