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I have this annotation defined:

public @interface MyAspectWeaved { }

And this aspect:

aspect MyAspect {
   declare @method : * *(..) : @MyAspectWeaved;
   // Other pointcuts and advices which work without issues
   // ...

I'm basically trying to mark all methods which could have been affected by MyAspect. The rest of the aspect works fine but for some reason no methods are annotated with @MyAspectWeaved. Google searches and rereading the documentation didn't give me any clues. I'm not very familiar with AspectJ so I assume that either I'm missing something obvious or my understanding of declare @method is incorrect. Anyone see what's wrong?

I'm using AspectJ 1.6.12.


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You have to change the annotation to:

public @interface MyAspectWeaved {
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