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I get this error:

TyperError: sequence item 2: expected string, long found

Here is my code:

import MySQLdb
connection = MySQLdb.connect (host = "localhost", user = "root", passwd = "*****", db = "test")
cursor = connection.cursor ()
cursor.execute ("SELECT * FROM names")
data = cursor.fetchall ()
no = []
no += ["<users>\n"]
for row in data :
        no += ["        <user id='", row[0], "' name='", row[1], "' blend='", row[2], "'/>\n"]
        no += ["                <nick color='0x", row[3], "' font='", row[4], "'/>\n"]
        no += ["                <glow color='0x", row[5], "' alpha='", row[6], "' blurX='", row[7], "' blurY='", row[8], "' strength='", row[9], "' quality='", row[10], "'/>\n"]
        no += ["        </user>\n", row[11]]
cursor.close ()
connection.close ()
no += ["</users>"]
s = ''.join(no)
file = open('test.xml','w')
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Instead of concatenating strings into sub lists the way you're doing it, you can do something like the following

# Don't do this
no += ["        <user id='", row[0], "' name='", row[1], "' blend='", row[2], "'/>\n"]

# Do this instead
no += ["        <user id='%s' name='%s' blend='%s'/>\n" % (row[0], row[1], row[2])]
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Thanks, fixed it. –  Tybone Ten Jun 14 '12 at 4:23

You have to convert your retrieved data to string first using str() so anywhere where it says row[INDEX] you have to say: str(row[INDEX]). str(row[3]) for example.

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