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In C#, I wanted to know how would you pass a method, any method, as a parameter?

I know about Action and Func, but those are limited by methods either being void in the former or needing to return a value in the latter. I would like to include support for both cases, if possible (I may have a param array of methods).

I presume some use of delegate is involved, but I'm not sure how (with and without lambdas). Thanks!

something like...

public void DoSomething(int num)

public void DoSomethingElse()

public int ReturnSomething(string str, int num)

public void RunMethods(params object[] methods) // (params delegate[] methods)?
    foreach(var method in methods)
        ...determine whether its void or not and run.

RunMethod(DoSomething, ReturnSomething, DoSomethingElse);

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Methods cannot be passed -- they are not first-class constructs. However, Method1(Method2) will work as the compiler will "lift" the method-group Method2 if there is a[n implicit] conversion possible. (I think to a delegate, but the details of the magic escapes me.) – user166390 Jun 14 '12 at 4:09
As to support both Func<X,R> and Action<X> in the past I have created an overload; the overload that takes in the Action simply wraps the Func overload putting the Action in a stub-Function and discarding the return (to void). I am not sure if this is ideal, but it has worked for me... another option is to only take Func<X,R> and return default(R)... – user166390 Jun 14 '12 at 4:13

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