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I 'm a student and have some experience with PHP and MySQL. I'm new to C# MVC,but I understand the basics. If i'm lucky there's a chance a'll have a job(C# ASP.NET,MVC3,Razor View,SQL Server 2008R2) Any good tutorials out there(no EF) Thanks

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Welcome to Stack Overflow. You'll find invaluable tutorials provided by Microsoft: http://www.asp.net/mvc/tutorials and here on SO: asp.net mvc3 razor documentation?

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Welcome to Stack Overflow.

I myself started MVC 3 with this tutorial. http://www.pluralsight-training.net/microsoft/Courses/TableOfContents?courseName=aspdotnet-mvc3-intro

Pluralsight also got more tutorials, but you have to register for most of them. Although this one is free.

Happy Coding.

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