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Is is possible to do the following using nginx rewrite:

Convert a url from CTX_URL= to SUB_DOMAIN_URL=

Where my-cloudfoundry is the server running Nginx, which can currently route SUB_DOMAIN_URL, I want it to accept the CTX_URL and convert it internally to SUB_DOMAIN_URL

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this is perfectly possible, in fact I have it working on my local copy of CloudFoundry that uses the domain.

You need to add one simple rewrite rule to nginx.conf (on a current vcap install this is located in '~/cloudfoundry/.deployments/devbox/deploy/nginx/nginx-0.8.54/conf'), below the server_name directive in the server block, insert;

if ($host ~* "^$"){
  rewrite ^\/([^\/]+)\/?(.*)$ http://$$2 break;

Obviously you will need to change "" to the domain you are using in your configuration.

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Thanks Dan, it works but there is one small problem. Rewrite will send a redirect request to the browser, is there any way it can be routed internally without sending redirect to browser. I am trying to do this because I cannot configure sub domains in my network at work where I am trying to use cloud foundry. – sriharsha Jun 14 '12 at 10:43

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