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I'm using the following command to set up the AWS launch config:

as-create-launch-config test1autoscale --image-id ami-xxxx --instance-type m1.small

where ami-xxxx is the image id that I got from my instance via the web console. I get the following error:

Malformed input-AMI ami-xxxx is invalid: The AMI ID 'ami-xxxx' does not exist

I have triple checked that the image id matches the instance image id. My availability zone is ap-southeast-1a. I am not clear on what image is being asked for if it will not accept the image of the instance I wish to add to the autoscale group

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Try adding the region endpoint (because by default it's looking into us-east-1 enpoint) to your config command, then it should work:

as-create-launch-config test1autoscale --region ap-southeast-1 --image-id ami-xxxx --instance-type m1.small

Also take a look at this: Regions and Endpoints - Amazon Web Services Glossary

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The problem is probably due to the wrong region. Also, don't forget to change the API endpoint, either by using -U http :// xxx or by setting AWS_AUTO_SCALING_URL environment variable (export AWS_AUTO_SCALING_URL=http :// ... ,at least on Linux). Don't forget the http or https in the url. [Note that the address must be without spaces. I had to put them because otherwise addresses are transformed into links :-)] – Davide Vernizzi Jan 25 '13 at 21:54

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