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I needed a virtual environment with all the global packages included. I created one, and the global Django version is 1.3.1. Now, I need to upgrade the Django version to 1.4 only in my virtual environment. I switched to my environment by activating it, and tried

sudo pip install Django=1.4

It was installed,not in the virtual env but in the global dist-packages.

How to install a package only in the virtual environment?

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After you switch to the virtual environment with the activate script. Just use pip install Django==1.4 no sudo needed.

Alternately you can use pip install -E=/path/to/my/virtual/env Django==1.4 in which case you don't need to switch to the virtual environment first.

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thanks! You saved my time, coz I practiced to install modules in server with sudo. – Babu Jun 14 '12 at 5:32

If you just want to upgrade a package and don't know the version number you want to upgrade to you can use

pip install <package_name> --upgrade

in your virtualenv. So in your case above the following would work as well:

pip install django --upgrade

Instead of --upgrade just -U is also enough.

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get your answer from

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thnx! I'll check it out. – Babu Jun 14 '12 at 9:39

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