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I'm using selenium IDE to record & replay some testcase. During this, i stored some values in variables.Now i've to load/write these variable's value into new file.How can i do it ? is it possible ?

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It's not possible using the Selenium IDE, but you can store using Selenium RC or Webdriver (Junit or Nunit).

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I do not know if selenium IDE is sufficient to achieve what you are trying to do but if you can export the recorded test case to any language like java and then you can easily modify the exported code to write the variables you have stored to any file using the inbuilt capabilities of languages such as java.

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Try to use storeEval command,it evaluates java script snippets and refer the tips posted in

Let me know the result. -Thanks

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It is not possible using selenium IDE, you need to use selenium webdriver where you can code language to do read/write operation to a file.

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here you can find the answer how to read variables from CSV file (you should arrach .js file in the selenium IDE options as extension and at that page is also example how to use it)

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We ask that users not simply post links to solutions because the links might stop working. Could you edit your answer to include a summary of the steps/example at the linked article? – Oblivious Sage Apr 23 '15 at 14:36

You can use 'file logging' for this, try below plugin


  1. Install Addon
  2. Set Log Level to 'Info'
  3. Navigate to 'Options -> FileLogging' in IDE and provide path (D:\Users\jmatthew\Desktop\Selenium\Log1.csv)
  4. Use command storeText | id=abcd.aa | value
  5. Use command echo | ${value}
  6. Read the CSV file using VLOOKUP for matching results contain 'echo'
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