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Are there any java or clojure mail libraries out there that do what lamson does? In particular, the mail routing features of lamson are very cool are there any thing like that for the jvm?

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Do you want it specifically for Clojure or for the jvm so Clojure could access it? – octopusgrabbus Jun 14 '12 at 12:41
It could be for either, as long as Clojure can access the libraries... I can write a wrapper for it. – zcaudate Jun 14 '12 at 13:10
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JavaMail is rather sophisticated and can send mail via STMP and receive using POP3 and IMAP. You can build a layer to route mails yourself. Maybe Apache JAMES is useful for you too.

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apache james is pretty cool. the mailets toolkit does a similar job to lamson – zcaudate Oct 10 '12 at 7:15

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