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I have a group which can occur any number of times in the input string. I need to get a list of all the matching items.

For example, for input:

example repeattext 1 anything here repeattext 2 anything repeattext 3

My regex is:

 (repeattext \d)

I want to get the list of matches for the group. Is it possible to use regex here or do I need to parse it myself?

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Can you explain what do you mean by "group", and how is it different from "regex", as you see it? Can you show a complete example, including the language you use, and the code you wrote to match the string? –  Kobi Jun 16 '12 at 9:23

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Yes, you can use regex here. Your existing regex will do fine.

See http://rubular.com/r/fS8c9C61rG for it in use on your example.

If numbers will ever become 10 or higher, consider this regex:

(repeattext \d+)
              `- matches 1 or more repeating of previous
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result = subject.scan(/repeattext \d+/)
=> ["repeattext 1", "repeattext 2", "repeattext 3"]

See the docs for the .scan() method.

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