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I know only C language, so I am getting confusion/not understanding the syntax of the openCV data types particularly in cv::Mat, CvMat*, Mat.

My question is How can I convert cv::Mat to const CvMat* or CvMat*, and can any one provide documentation link for difference between CvMat *mat and cv::Mat and Mat in opencv2.4.

and How can I convert my int data to float data in CvMat ? Thank you

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cv::Mat has a operator CvMat() so simple assignment works:

cv::Mat mat = ....;
CvMat cvMat = mat;

This uses the same underlying data so you have to be careful that the cv::Mat doesn't go out of scope before the CvMat.

If you need to use the CvMat in an API that takes a CvMat*, then pass the address of the object:


As for the difference between cv::Mat and Mat, they are the same. In OpenCV examples, it is often assumed (and I don't think this is a good idea) that using namespace cv is used.

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@ Thank you juanchopanza, Can you provide the link related to above operations. and how can I convert my data types in CvMat. I have the data in my CvMat is integer, Now I have to change that to float, How can I do that one? –  surya Jun 14 '12 at 6:34

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