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I have created app for cover flow of menus.i have followed a tutorial including tabku library in my project.I've done all the steps which is in following link


But it throws error as ' file not found'.Here is my code below.

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import <TabkuLibrary/TabkuLibrary.h>

@interface ViewController :UIViewController<TKCoverflowViewDelegate,TKCoverflowViewDataSource>{
TKCoverFlowView * Coverflow;
NSMutableArray *arr;


I've followed so many tutorials and ended up in the above link...Can anyone help...

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The library is actually called Tapku and I ran into the same problem. I ended up adding $(SRCROOT)/tapkulibrary/src to my search header path, and then got a different error: "Interface Builder is unable to open documents of type CocoaTouch XIB." Fortunately the above error was fixed thanks to another SO thread: Interface builder is unable to open documents of type iPad XIB

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