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I have a 'fancy_awk_script' which parse file names into shell command

myself@supercomputer /home/myself $ ls -1 *.MYLOG.csv | fancy_awk_script 
cp 20120607.MYLOG.csv 20120607.MYLOG.csv2
mv 20120606.MYLOG.csv 20120607.MYLOG2.csv
cp 20120605.MYLOG.csv 20120606.MYLOG.csv

i want pipe above result directly to a shell interpretor, what should I do? something like this?

myself@supercomputer /home/myself $ ls -1 *.MYLOG.csv | fancy_awk_script | xargs -E

can anyone help?


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piping directly into sh works if you don't expect any user input (say it was cp -i).

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ls -1 *.MYLOG.csv | fancy_awk_script |xargs -i bash -c {}

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