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I need to read the tessellation/cgr/visualisation details from a CATIA V5R18 Part file using CATIA V5R18 API.

Visualisation details such as:

  1. Number of Vertices
  2. Number of Triangles
  3. Number of Strips
  4. Number of Fans
  5. Number of Normal
  6. Bounding Sphere Centre and Radius

These details I have read from .cgr files using CAT3DRep/CATRep/CATSurfacicRep, but I am not able to read the same for .CATPart files.

From .CATPart with the help of CATIVisu I got CAT3DBagRep type, when I queried from PartFeatures. But to get Visualisation details I need CATSurfacicRep.

What interface should I query and from where should I query?

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What API are you using? –  Alberto Jun 14 '12 at 12:20
CATIA v5 R18 API ,CAA –  maha Jun 16 '12 at 10:05

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