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I want to create an annotation which searches for the method name starting with a word given in the annotation and execute this method.

I am new to annotations and i know that there are some inbuilt annotations like:

@override, @suppressWarnigs, @documented, @Retention, @deprecated, @target

Are there any more annotations?

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You should try to GOOGLE it! – plucury Jun 14 '12 at 7:01
Annotations don't execute code. Annotations can be used by code to do things. You need to read more about annotations before coming to the conclusion that they'll solve whatever is the problem you're trying to solve. – vanza Jun 14 '12 at 7:03

I am sure there are good guides there but here is a fast one, forgive me for any typos :).

You can create your own annotation easily:

public @interface ExecuteMethod {
 String methodToExecute;

You can annotate your code with it.


The code linked to the annotation looks like this:

public class MethodExecutor{
 private Method method;

 public MethodExecutor(Method method){
   this.method = method;

 public boolean executeMethod(){
            ExecuteMethod executeMethodAnnot=method.getAnnotation(ExecuteMethod.class);
            String methodName = executeMethodAnnot.methodToExecute();
            .... your code that calls the method here

You also need a piece of code to check and execute this annotation at the point you want it done:

for(Method m : classToCheck.getMethods()) {
   if(m.isAnnotationPresent(ExecuteMethod.class)) {
       MethodExecturor methorExectuor = new MethodExecutor(m);
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If you want to know more about Annotations you can look at this Oracle Documentation.

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