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On, When you publish to twitter about a project , the tweet includes an iframe with the some of Kickstarter project details embedded in the media content, such as here:

To re-create such a tweet, go to some ks page and click the "tweet" link under the video. The tweet content seems to be some simple text with a link to the project page.

This probably means that the iframe content is referenced in some meta tag of that page.. but I could not for the life of me figure which meta tag it is...

How can this be done?

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They are called Twitter Cards. You tweet a link to your page where Twitter spider can find data for the card: <meta property="twitter:card" content="...

But according to documentation Twitter Cards will only render for domains which have been whitelisted by Twitter. If your site is big enaugh and has quality content, then you might get whitelisted.

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