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I have a XML file such as:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

I used

xmlTag = dom.getElementsByTagName('data')[0].toxml()

and i got xmlData


but i need values stream,file,livestream1 etc.

How to do this?

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I would suggest to use ElementTree. It's faster than the usual DOM implementations and I think its more elegant as well.

from xml.etree import ElementTree

#assuming xml_string is your XML above
xml_etree = ElementTree.fromstring(xml_string)
data = xml_etree.find('data')
for elem in data:
    print elem.text

Output would be:

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For your information, this is how to do it with lxml and xpath:

from lxml import etree
doc = etree.fromstring(xml_string)
for elem in doc.xpath('//data/*'):
    print elem.text

The output should be the same:

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