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I am pretty new with Regex.

Basically I am trying to create a regex to assess the URL path from our system. However, there is a known bug in our system which causing the URL path become really messy..

Ideally, the URL should be


Due to the bug, the URL will have ‘something else’ in between the ‘/mobile’ and ‘/retail’ something like this


But the challenging bit is when there is some words that I would like to ignore in that ‘something else’ i.e. sale, search, lot, login. So the case should look like this

So I have a test case like this:

  • /mobile/retail -> match
  • /mobile/retail/something -> match
  • /mobile/something/retail/something -> match
  • /mobile/something/retail/something/sale -> match
  • /mobile/something/something/retail/something/sale -> match
  • /mobil/sale/something -> dont match
  • /mobile/something/sale/something -> dont match
  • /mobile/something/sale/something/retail -> dont match
  • /mobile/lot/test/retail -> dont match
  • /mobile/test/lot/test/retail -> dont match
  • /mobile/path/test2/test3/testx/lot/test/retail -> dont match

I am kinda stuck with this regex and it is not working as how I want it..


The regex above does not work in the condition such:

  • /mobile/something/sale/something/retail
  • /mobile/test/lot/test/retail
  • /mobile/path/test2/test3/testx/lot/test/retail

The word to exclude is strict. For example, the below list should pass:

  • /mobile/plot/retail
  • /mobile/lots/retail
  • /mobile/lots-of-sale/retail
  • /mobile/sale-item/retail/something/test/sale
  • /mobile/search-prg-item-test/test/retail

Anyone with a strong regex knowledge and any feedback is much appreciated.

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First try this:


If that fails to compile (you didn't specify your regex flavor), try



/mobile                     # Match "/mobile"
(?:                         # Match...
 /                          # a slash
 (?:                        # followed by...
  (?!sale|search|lot|login) # (only if these strings arent't present
  [^/]                      # any character except slashes
 )++                        # Match at least one and don't backtrack
)*                          # Do this zero or more times
/retail                     # Then match "/retail"
.*                          # plus whatever follows
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A regex that matches parts between slashes repeatedly, where such a part may not be sale, search, lot, or login:

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I think this is better than mine because it would let paths like /mobile/plot/retail pass (which mine would reject). Of course, yours would also reject /mobile/lots/retail. @Wilson didn't quite specify how strictly those "bad words" need to be interpreted. –  Tim Pietzcker Jun 14 '12 at 7:32
Hi Tim, it is only specific to /lot/ or /sale/ so for instance, I am expecting /mobile/plot/retail and /mobile/lots/retail to pass. Another example.. if it is /mobile/saleitem/retail should pass too. If that makes sense –  Wilson Jun 14 '12 at 7:36
I found this regex: /mobile(?!(.*)(/sale/|/search/|/lot/|/login/).*/retail).*/retail.* and looks like it is working! :) –  Wilson Jun 14 '12 at 8:49

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