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I am writing code to clone object but have no cue from Hobo documentation.

I know how to do it in Rails but it seems no intuitive way to do it in Hobo.

The scenario is to add an button on a record page, clone an existing record, and redirect to new record after the creation.

For example

POST /papers/10/clone

Then the new record 123 will be created.

After that action, it will redirect to page /papers/123

Are there any examples and guides to achieve the scenario?

If Paper has many Comments, how to clone them as well without permission errors?

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Hobo doesn't have any special support for cloning an object, so you'll have to drop down to Rails to do it:

def clone
  paper = Paper.find(params[:id])
  fail if paper.nil?
  clone = paper.clone!
  redirect_to paper_path(clone)

You could add this new controller action to your routes via Hobo's web_method hook, but that's designed for something else. You're better off just adding it to your config/routes.rb in a standard Rails fashion.

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how about has_many association? I got an error when assigning duplicate objects in has_many association. undefined method `with_acting_user' for #<ActiveRecord::Associations::HasManyAssociation:0x007fdf4cf10c38> – OmniBus Jun 20 '12 at 11:50
Can you send me the full backtrace? Perhaps the best place is to the hobo-users mailing list. Thanks. – Bryan Larsen Jun 22 '12 at 1:40

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