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I'm working with GWT currently but I find it nearly impossible to find errors with the current error messages in the Chrome console. I get the errors both when in local development mode and when I'm hosting the app on GAE. How do I get the actual java error? Where it says which line and what exception I got? And btw what is the error I'm looking for called?

Thanks in advance!

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In GWT 2.1.1 here comes UmbrellaException that collects a Set of child Throwables together. Try this:

public void onModuleLoad() {
  GWT.setUncaughtExceptionHandler(new GWT.UncaughtExceptionHandler() {
    public void onUncaughtException(@NotNull Throwable e) {

Where ensureNotUmbrellaError is defined as follows:

private static void ensureNotUmbrellaError(@NotNull Throwable e) {
  for (Throwable th : ((UmbrellaException) e).getCauses()) {
    if (th instanceof UmbrellaException) {
    } else {
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Great answer! I'd recommend using th.printStackTrace() for more info. –  thomas88wp Mar 3 '13 at 1:22

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