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I am having a class Student. I want to store the object of class Student 'objStu' on the clipboard.

Class Student
    string stuID;
    string Name;
    string email;

In the main method I wrote a code:


When I tried to retrive the object as below:

Student anotherStu = Clipboard.GetDataObject() as Student;

It is returning null. Please guide me how to achieve it.

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make Student class as Serializable

public class Student
    public string stuID { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string email { get; set; }
    public void CopyToClipboard()

        DataFormats.Format format =
        //now copy to clipboard
        IDataObject dataObj = new DataObject();
        dataObj.SetData(format.Name, false, this);
        Clipboard.SetDataObject(dataObj, false);


then you try as:

Student objStu = new Student();
objStu.Name = "test";
Clipboard.SetDataObject(objStu, false);
Student anotherStu = GetFromClipboard();

below is the GetFromClipboard method

protected static Student GetFromClipboard()
    Student student = null;
    IDataObject dataObj = Clipboard.GetDataObject();
    string format = typeof(Student).FullName;

    if (dataObj.GetDataPresent(format))
        student = dataObj.GetData(format) as Student;
    return student;

Check this link for more information

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