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need to display serial no as roman letters(i,ii,iii,iv etc) in my crystal reports. I have the serial number captured as record number (1,2,3,4...).so what i have to do for it in crystal report.

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I can't take much of the credit; I simply ported the code from this VB Helper article into Crystal, but it was a fun exercise:

NumberVar iCounter := 0;
Local StringVar ch := "";
Local NumberVar result := 0;
Local NumberVar new_value := 0;
Local NumberVar old_value := 0;
Local StringVar temp := "";

temp := UpperCase({?@Roman});

old_value = 1000;

For iCounter := 1 To Len(temp) do
    // See what the next character is worth.
    ch := Mid(temp, iCounter, 1);

    if ch = "I" then new_value := 1
    else if ch = "V" then new_value := 5
    else if ch = "X" then new_value := 10
    else if ch = "L" then new_value := 50
    else if ch = "C" then new_value := 100
    else if ch = "D" then new_value := 500
    else if ch = "M" then new_value := 1000;

    // See if this character is bigger
    // than the previous one.
    If new_value > old_value Then
        // The new value > the previous one.
        // Add this value to the result
        // and subtract the previous one twice.
        result := result + new_value - 2 * old_value
        // The new value <= the previous one.
        // Add it to the result.
        result := result + new_value;

    old_value := new_value;

// Format the number without commas or decimals
ToText(result, 0, "");

Simply replace my {?@Roman} parameter placeholder with your variable, and you're all set.

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Just use Roman() function provided by Crystal Report

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