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A concise explanation of nil v. empty v. blank in Ruby on Rails

Could anyone tell me the difference between .nil?, .blank?, .empty? in ruby?

Any answer will be highly appreciated.

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Yes it's really duplicated. Great thank you for your comment –  Someth Victory Jun 14 '12 at 9:22

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In Ruby, nil in an object (a single instance of the class NilClass) so methods can be called on it. nil? is a standard method in Ruby that can be called on all objects and returns true for the nil object and false for anything else.

empty? is a standard Ruby method on some objects like Arrays, Hashes and Strings. Its exact behaviour will depend on the specific object, but typically it returns true if the object contains no elements.

blank? is not a standard Ruby method but is added to all objects by Rails and returns true for nil, false, empty, or a whitespace string.

Because empty? is not defined for all objects you would get a NoMethodError if you called empty? on nil so to avoid having to write things like if x.nil? || x.empty? Rails adds the blank? method.

After answering, I found that this question has been asked before so you should check the answers to that question too.

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Any ruby variable is an object, so it can be unitialized/unset (set to nil). nil? method returns true if it is not initialized

b = nil
b.nil? # true
b = 'string value'
b.nil? # false

Arrays, strings, streams in ruby can contain no data, so they can be empty. The empty? method returns true if so

array = []
array.empty? # true
array << 5 << 4 # [5, 4]
array.empty? # false

string = "" # empty line
string.empty? # true

blank? is ActiveSupport specific method (available in any object) and is available in RubyOnRails with ActiveSupport. It returns true if object is nil or empty.

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blank? if ActiveSupport method –  fl00r Jun 14 '12 at 8:33
@fl00r yes, you're right. i'll edit the answer –  Ribtoks Jun 14 '12 at 8:46

Feel it ;)


#=> true
#=> false
#=> false
" ".nil?
#=> false


#=> true
#=> undefined method
#=> true
" ".empty?
#=> false


#=> true
#=> true
#=> true
" ".blank?
#=> true
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