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I'm using radgrid to export to excel file. Everything is ok except one thing. I would like to format the value as currency style but when exporting done the style is Accounting

I catch the event

grid_ExcelExportCellFormatting(object source, ExcelExportCellFormattingEventArgs e)

and I handled in this as below

e.Cell.Style["mso-number-format"] = "Currency";

Please help!

[EDITED ON 28 June 2012] Following The links as Daniel Benitez provide. I solved this issue. And I have some experience from it.

Refer my personal article if you interest.

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Microsoft's documentation on the Office HTML format is insufficient and vague. You can see it below:

(There is a CHM file packed within the self-extracting archive which you may prefer to unpack manually)

If this is not working for your scenario, you may use a custom number format that mimics the default Currency format. Some examples are available below:

Another thing you could try is a bit of reverse-engineering-like approach. Namely:

  • export the file and then open it in Excel
  • set Currency format to the top left cell in the sheet
  • save the file as HTML
  • open it in Notepad++ or alternative text editor and examine how MS Excel set this :)

I hope this helps :)

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