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we have that string:

"I like to eat apple"

How can I obtain the result "apple" ?

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// Your string
$str = "I like to eat apple";
// Split it into pieces, with the delimiter being a space. This creates an array.
$split = explode(" ", $str);
// Get the last value in the array.
// count($split) returns the total amount of values.
// Use -1 to get the index.
echo $split[count($split)-1];
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Put length check enventually –  djleop Jun 14 '12 at 8:38
Note that this doesn't account for punctuation; e.g. a trailing period will be included in the word. –  Will Vousden Jun 14 '12 at 8:40
You can just echo array_pop($split) –  Salman A Jun 14 '12 at 8:56
$str = 'I like to eat apple';
echo substr($str, strrpos($str, ' ') + 1); // apple
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Try this:

$array = explode(' ',$sentence);
$last = $array[count($array)-1];
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How about this get last words or simple get last word from string just by passing the amount of words you need get_last_words(1, $str);

public function get_last_words($amount, $string)
    $string_array = explode(' ', $string);
    $totalwords= str_word_count($string, 1, 'àáãç3');
    if($totalwords > $amount){
        $words= implode(' ',array_slice($string_array, count($string_array) - $amount));
        $words= implode(' ',array_slice($string_array, count($string_array) - $totalwords));

    return $words;
$str = 'I like to eat apple';
echo get_last_words(1,  $str);
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$str = "I like to eat apple";

end(explode(" ",$str);
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This throws E_STRICT error, don't use it –  Shehabix Jan 12 at 17:52

a bit late to the party but this works too

$last = strrchr($string,' ');

as per http://www.w3schools.com/php/func_string_strrchr.asp

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// your string
$str = 'I like to eat apple';

// used end in explode, for getting last word
echo    $str_explode;


Output will be apple.

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