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I have 2 tables in my database, for example: Table1: id (PK), data1 and Table2: id (PK), id_table1 (FK), data2. How can I make a query like that:

SELECT * FROM Table1, Table2 WHERE Table1.id = Table2.id_table1 
GROUP BY Table1.data1

I'm using SQLiteDatabase and its query() method.

Cursor mCursor = db.query(true, new String[] {"Table1","Table2"}, 
new String[] {"Table1.id","data1", "Table2.id", "id_table1", "data2"},
"Table1.id=Table2.id_table1", null, "Table1.data1", null,null,null);

But there's a problem with the second arg - it's only possible to use String, not String[] (like new String[] {"Table1","Table2}). What should I do to make a query from multiple tables in that way?

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Try this:

Cursor mCursor = db.rawQuery("SELECT * FROM Table1, Table2 " +
                             "WHERE Table1.id = Table2.id_table1 " +
                             "GROUP BY Table1.data1", null);
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YEA, it works! Thank you! –  user1049280 Jun 14 '12 at 8:56
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So when you need to JOIN Tables, you have to use rawQuery instead of query. So your statement

String SELECT_QUERY = SELECT * FROM Table1 t1 INNER JOIN Table2 t2 ON t1.id = t2.id GROUP BY t1.data1;

I recommend to you use JOIN because it more faster and safer then your approach. So then your rawQuery method can looks like this:

cursor = db.rawQuery(SELECT_QUERY, null);

Have look at rawQuery in SQLiteDatabase


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Did you ever compare speed of those queries? Its pretty interesting how much it faster. How it safer? I heard there is completely no difference in MSSQL. Interesting how it is in sqlite. –  Sergei Jan 12 at 19:41
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