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I created two projects. They are VB.Net dll and c# .net dll file. I am using VB.net dll file into c#.dll file. when i test c#.net dll file it is giving error message Could not load assemble. if i use both then it is working fine.But i have to use only one dll file. Let me know how can i do with only c#.net dll file.

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you should implement everything in the single C# dll, or you need to use the both of them –  ie. Jun 14 '12 at 8:47
yes ! i have to implement everything in c# dll file. –  Kiran Reddy Jun 14 '12 at 8:57
This is not the purpose of Assembly.Load. If you want to merge two projects you'll have to look at other options. I suggest you put all your code into one project and stick to one language. Otherwise, ILMerge might do what you need. –  J. Steen Jun 14 '12 at 9:11

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In .NET a project denotes the bounds of the resulting assembly. So if you want a single .dll you will need to put everything in a single project.

You have the additional task in your case of making everything the same language as you can't mix VB.NET and C#.NET in a single project.

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