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Like in topic. It is possible to do it? Or make something to use ViewBag items in place where we need no dynamic item?

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If you can't use a dynamic item, just declare a variable with the ViewBag's "static" type :

@IList<MyType> mylist= ViewBag.ListOfItemsOfMyType;

and use mylist

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Yes, i have actually get it, thanks :) –  Mateusz Rogulski Jun 14 '12 at 9:05

The best way is to create View model and use that model in your View rather then ViewBag.

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It is probably not preferable, since you probably should use a model in that case, but in the view, you can always cast the viewbag property into a type, if you need it to be an int for instance,

int number = (int)ViewBag.MyNumber;
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