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I have a controller with the following:

public abstract SearchableCommand searchCriteria();

public PaginatedListAdapter searchList() {
    return new PaginatedListAdapter(defaultSortColumn, searchableService);

public String doSearch(
        @ModelAttribute("searchCriteria") SearchableCommand searchableCommand, 
        Errors errors,
        @RequestParam(value="sort", required=false) String sort, 
        @RequestParam(value="pageSize", required=false) Integer pageSize, 
        @RequestParam(value="dir", required=false) String dir, 
        @RequestParam(value="page", required=false) Integer page, 
        @ModelAttribute("searchList") PaginatedListAdapter searchList) {

    //some logic here

And in my JSP I have the following for test purpose:

<form:form id="searchForm" commandName="searchCriteria">
    <form:input path="searchCriteria[0].searchOperand"/>
    <input id="submitButton" type="submit"/>

When submitting the form, I trace through my code and searchableCommand.getSearchCriteria[0] .setSearchOperand(...) is called correctly. However once this is done I recieve the exception:

org.springframework.beans.NullValueInNestedPathException: Invalid property 'searchCriteria[0]' of bean class [com.domain.web.command.PaginatedListAdapter]: Cannot access indexed value of property referenced in indexed property path 'searchCriteria[0]': returned null

This because it is also trying to call PaginatedListAdapter.getSearchCriteria[0] .setSearchOperand(...). Co-incidentally this class also has a method called getSearchCriteria, but regardless it makes no sense to me as to why spring is trying the bind the form post parameters to both @ModelAttribute arguments, when my form explicitly states commandName="searchCriteria for which only one @ModelAttribute has that name.

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