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I want to display a genealogy tree without flash. In HTML/javascript/css.

I have a big problem displaying my tree because of the:

  • Difficulty to display the marital link beetween 2 parents
  • the children nodes

Do you know AN api which can build a family tree as www.familyecho.com does? I am gonna be crazy????

Here an example

 Father --- Mother
Child1   Child2     Child3


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you may want to take a look at http://www.myheritage.nl as example, familiecho is pale in comparison to that. Is free for op to 500 familimembers but unfortunatly is made in Flash, so no chance of borrowing some code or libraries there.

If you just want to use HTML there is http://www.starkeffect.com/ged2html/ but is a bit oldfashioned.

There are several drawing libraries for javascript bun none that are aimed at genealogy as far as i know, anyone who comes up with one i would be gratefull. Raphael at http://raphaeljs.com/ being the widest known vector graphics library, see http://javascript.open-libraries.com/utilities/drawing/10-best-javascript-drawing-and-canvas-libraries/ for a comparison and see this Javascript drawing library? question. Basically you will have to make a choice between vector (eg SVG) approach and rendered graphics (eg Canvas), each of them having their own advantages, libraries and followers.

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See http://www.outten.org/?id=46

Based largely on the familyecho look which I also liked.

Data is dynamic from MySQL & the dragable page gfx are built locally in javascript. A bit hashed together with tables, but works in a fashion except on mobile devices.


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Alex theres very little info on how the person should approach the problem. Just an example of something that worked. –  Wes Nov 13 '12 at 23:46

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