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Say we have apache setup serving a basic HTML index.html:

        <p>Hello, World!</p>

        <!-- INSERT HERE -->

        <p>The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog</p>


We have a 5 min video clip we would like to embed on the web page.

I assume we place the video file next to the index.html in the /var/www and then insert some html on the page.

We would like a single frame of the video showing with a PLAY icon in the center, and when clicked we would like it to play inside its frame by default, but also have a full-screen button. (Like an embedded YouTube video behaves)


  • Which video format should we encode the file in?
  • What snippet of HTML should we replace "INSERT HERE" with?
  • How is this problem usually solved?

If there are multiple solutions we would like the most compatible one in terms of browsers, operating systems and desktop/mobile?

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Have you tried mediaelementjs.com, take a look for all solutions. –  Sudip Pal Jun 14 '12 at 10:07

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What you need is to create a custom player. you can build one using Flash or look for one, here is a link to a tutorial

And you can build or look for one in HTML 5, try this

The video format depeneds on the player that runs it, so if you build a custom one you can decide yourself.

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