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I've been looking at using session_regenerate_id in a login class which I have been developing and from reading the PHP documentation and a few other sites it seems that it creates a new session with a newly generated ID carrying across the previous data since the function was added in PHP 4.3.2.

Since PHP 5.1 it has a delete_old_session parameter and if set to true it will also destroy the previous session but in previous versions it will not.

My question is if I was to use session_regenerate_id on a server running a PHP version below 5.1 what would be the best way to use session_regenerate_id and to destroy the previous session?

I don't think session_destroy() would work because if I used it before session_regenerate_id then it wouldn't be able to carry across the previous session data and if used after it would just destroy the new session.

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This should solve your problem:

// gets current (previous) session
$previousID = session_id();
// get the new session id
$newID = session_id();
// close session related files

// set the old session id
// start the old session
// clear the old session
// save the old session state (destroyed session)

// set the regenerated session id
// start the new session

Now your old session data is erased and transfered to a new session id.

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Thank you very much for that, quite glad in all newer versions of PHP it won't be so long winded to generate a new session ID and destroy the previous one. Thanks again. –  Neil Nand Jun 14 '12 at 12:03
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